Generate types and converters from JSON, Schema, and GraphQL

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Support the dependencies of quicktype/quicktype

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Generates command-line usage information
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A Query Language and Runtime which can target any service.
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Immutable Data Collections
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Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates
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A light-weight module that brings Fetch API to node.js
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Pluralize and singularize any word
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Convert a string into a stream (streams2)
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TypeScript definitions for lodash
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TypeScript definitions for node
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TypeScript definitions for shelljs
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TypeScript definitions for string-hash
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node's assert.deepEqual algorithm
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Portable Unix shell commands for Node.js
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TypeScript execution environment and REPL for node.js, with source map support
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An extensible static analysis linter for the TypeScript language
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TypeScript is a language for application scale JavaScript development
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Utilities for watching file trees.
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A mature, feature-complete library to parse command-line options.
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stream-json is the micro-library of Node.js stream components for creating custom JSON processing pipelines with a minimal memory footprint. It can parse JSON files far exceeding available memory streaming individual primitives using a SAX-inspired API. Includes utilities to stream JSON database dumps.
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fast string hashing function
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Provides fast access to unicode character properties
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Stub TypeScript definitions entry for graphql, which provides its own types definitions
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TypeScript definitions for pluralize
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Compare semver version strings to find greater, equal or lesser.
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Installer for Elm: just downloads the binary into node_modules
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A replacement for process.exit that ensures stdio are fully drained before exiting.

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