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Support the dependencies of raxjs/rax-app

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Standard library
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Express style path to RegExp utility
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Lint your commit messages
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TypeScript definitions for eslint
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TypeScript definitions for jest
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Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js
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Tiny, fast, and elegant implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server
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Uploading report to Codecov: https://codecov.io
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fs-extra contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla Node.js fs package. Such as recursive mkdir, copy, and remove.
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the most correct and second fastest glob implementation in JavaScript
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Modern native Git hooks
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Delightful JavaScript Testing.
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Lerna is a fast, modern build system for managing and publishing multiple JavaScript/TypeScript packages from the same repository
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A deep deletion module for node (like `rm -rf`)
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The semantic version parser used by npm.
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A Jest transformer with source map support that lets you use Jest to test projects written in TypeScript
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TypeScript execution environment and REPL for node.js, with source map support
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TypeScript is a language for application scale JavaScript development
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Minimal and efficient cross-platform file watching library
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Easy to use eslint/stylelint/prettier/commitlint in rax, ice and react project.
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checks which modules you have used in your code and then makes sure they are listed as dependencies in your package.json
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Parse Markdown into JsonML.
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A universal React-compatible render engine.
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Provide components for building Document
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Image component for Rax.
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Link component for Rax.
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Text component for Rax.
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View component for Rax.
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waterfall component for Rax.

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