Global coverage report uploader for Codecov in NodeJS

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Support the dependencies of codecov/codecov-node

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Modern native Git hooks
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Delightful JavaScript Testing.
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Lint files staged by git
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A configurable mock file system. You know, for testing.
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CLI Argument Parser
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Nested/recursive `.gitignore`/`.npmignore` parsing and filtering.
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urlgrey is a library for url querying and manipulation

Support the repos that depend on codecov/codecov-node

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SDK for use any functions of v1 Protocol
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This project was bootstrapped with [Create React App](
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Giveth common contracts dependencies
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Extensible JSON Logger
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axios-redmine is a nodejs library which supports 100% features of Redmine's REST API.
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Gulp plugin to submit code coverage to Codecov
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A undocumented identifier plugin for ESDoc
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A unexported identifier plugin for ESDoc
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TypeScript JavaScript project management
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Provides set of interfaces and tests for concrete implementations of js-items repositories
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Provides JSON API Search integration for a Druxt (DRUpal nuXT) project.
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A Browser to node.js chunked uploader
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Concrete implementation of js-items for ky
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Provides NPM scripts for testing projects using Istanbul and Mocha for all TyphonJS NPM modules and beyond.
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Uniform distribution cumulative distribution function (CDF).
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Generator for Confetti, a tool for enriching your online slide decks.
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Concrete implementation of js-items for knex.js
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A module that allows you to color your console messages
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Uniform distribution quantile function.
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Easy library for generating unique passwords.
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opflow is an operation flow bus. It allow to schedule and run in a reliable way Software operations.
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Concrete implementation of js-items for express
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Weibull distribution cumulative distribution function (CDF).
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A collection of terascope monorepo scripts
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Koa middleware for Bunyan stream to Stackdriver Logging
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Test framework for redux-grid and related components. Enables redux-grid to not carry heavyweight dependencies.
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Lognormal distribution cumulative distribution function (CDF).

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