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Support the dependencies of prismjs/prism

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TypeScript definitions for node-fetch
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BDD/TDD assertion library for node.js and the browser. Test framework agnostic.
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Unit tests for Team Culture
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A clean, responsive documentation template theme for JSDoc 3 inspired by lodash and minami
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JSDoc linting rules for ESLint.
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ESLint plugin for finding RegExp mistakes and RegExp style guide violations.
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Minify css with clean-css.
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Gulp extension to add header to file(s) in the pipeline.
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gulp integration for jsdoc3 cli
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Rename files
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A string replace plugin for gulp
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Fast & forgiving HTML/XML parser
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A simple zero-configuration command-line http server
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simple, flexible, fun test framework
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A light-weight module that brings Fetch API to node.js
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pipe streams together and close all of them if one of them closes
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Simple GIT interface for node.js
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yargs the modern, pirate-themed, successor to optimist.
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gulp plugin, compressed es6+ code.
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A library for analysing JS RegExp
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Regular expression parser for ECMAScript.
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A library for finite automata and regular expressions in the context of JS RegExp
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Generator of fonts from svg icons, svg icons to svg font, svg font to ttf, ttf to eot, ttf to woff, ttf to woff2
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A library to find JS RegExp with super-linear worst-case time complexity for attack strings that repeat a single character.

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