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Support the dependencies of trufflesuite/ganache-core

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TypeScript definitions for fs-extra
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TypeScript definitions for mocha
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TypeScript definitions for node
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TypeScript definitions for yargs
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Syntax highlighting in your terminal
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Parse and stringify JSON with comments. It will retain comments even after saved!
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Run scripts that set and use environment variables across platforms
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fs-extra contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla Node.js fs package. Such as recursive mkdir, copy, and remove.
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the most correct and second fastest glob implementation in JavaScript
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Modern native Git hooks
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Lerna is a fast, modern build system for managing and publishing multiple JavaScript/TypeScript packages from the same repository
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A markdown parser built for speed
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simple, flexible, fun test framework
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A browser based code editor
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the Istanbul command line interface
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The semantic version parser used by npm.
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Portable Shell Commands for Node
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TypeScript execution environment and REPL for node.js, with source map support
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TypeScript is a language for application scale JavaScript development
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yargs the modern, pirate-themed, successor to optimist.
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Give me a string and I'll tell you if it's a valid npm package name

Support the repos that depend on trufflesuite/ganache-core

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a zero configuration discovery service written completely in Javascript
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Ship all kinds of services
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Collection of raaghu-elements
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docker registry server implemented in node
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A very simple MongoDB RESTful proxy
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Spawn and expose docker containers over http and websockets
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Rundfunk is zero-conf distributed event emitter
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An http client that leverages ES6 decorators to design clean and versatile HTTP api

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