Find all classes in the JSII assembly that don't yet have any example code associated with them, and generate a synthetic example that shows how to instantiate the type.

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yargs the modern, pirate-themed, successor to optimist.
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TypeScript definitions for jest
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TypeScript definitions for node
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TypeScript definitions for yargs
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TypeScript plugin for ESLint
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An ESLint custom parser which leverages TypeScript ESTree
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A programming model for software-defined state
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This plugin adds `TypeScript` support to `eslint-plugin-import`
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Delightful JavaScript Testing.
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A jest reporter that generates junit xml files
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The semantic version parser used by npm.
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A Jest transformer with source map support that lets you use Jest to test projects written in TypeScript
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TypeScript execution environment and REPL for node.js, with source map support
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TypeScript is a language for application scale JavaScript development
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strongly-typed reflection library and tools for jsii
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CDK for software projects
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Specification for jsii assemblies

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